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The Group’s investment in Yonghui and Robinsons Retail continued to support profitability and deliver encouraging returns, demonstrating the benefit of a diversified business portfolio.
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Yonghui delivered significant sales growth in the first six months of 2020, driven by robust like-for-like sales growth and strong e-commerce growth. Profitability also increased strongly over this period. Tighter family disposable income as well as more intense competition, however, did contribute to a slowdown in sales performance in the third quarter of the year.

Robinsons Retail’s financial performance in 2020 was impacted by government restrictions on movement due to the pandemic, particularly with respect to its discretionary formats. Robinsons Retail’s core supermarket format reported strong growth in sales and profitability driven by a combination of changing customer behaviours and the successful integration of Rustan Supercenters.